Mathurin Massias

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PhD student
INRIA/Télécom ParisTech
E-mail: mathurin.massias [@] inria [DOT] fr

About me

I am a 3rd year PhD student in Machine Learning at Télécom ParisTech and Inria Saclay (in the Parietal Team), under the supervision of Joseph Salmon and Alexandre Gramfort. My PhD aims at improving the efficiency of brain signals reconstruction algorithms (more details here), which involves optimization, parsimony and high dimensional statistics.

I have a keen interest in the Python programming language: I am the maintainer of the Celer package, and a contributor to scikit-learn and MNE.

You can find more details on my résumé (French/English) and my list of publications.


  • I'll be joining Taiji Suzuki's lab in Tokyo for a 3 month internship from Feb. 2019 to early May 2019!