Mathurin Massias

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Post-doctoral fellow
University of Genova
E-mail: mathurin.massias [@] gmail [DOT] com

About me

I am a post-doc at University of Genova, working on implicit/iterative regularization with Lorenzo Rosasco and Silvia Villa.

I did my PhD at Télécom Paris and Inria Saclay (in the Parietal Team), under the supervision of Joseph Salmon and Alexandre Gramfort. My PhD aimed at improving the efficiency of brain signals reconstruction algorithms (more details here), which involves optimization, sparsity and high dimensional statistics.

I have a keen interest in the Python programming language: I am the lead developer of celer (solvers for L1-type regularized problems) and libsvmdata (python util to fetch libsvm datasets) packages. To foster scientific reproducibility, my papers usually come with Python packages to reproduce my experiments and make my code available to the community (e.g. Anderson acceleration for coordinate descent or Iterative regularization for convex regularizers)
I also contribute to scikit-learn, MNE, benchopt and sparse-ho.

You can find more details on my résumé (French (01/2021)/English (03/2021)) and my list of publications.


  • Our two papers on Iterative regularization for convex regularizers (w. C. Molinari, L. Rosasco and S. Villa) and Anderson acceleration of coordinate descent (w. Q. Bertrand) got accepted to AISTATS 2021.

  • Slides for my presentation Efficient approaches to regularized inverse problems in the DANTE team (Lyon)

  • celer 0.6 is released: along with the fast sklearn Group Lasso solver, the Lasso class now supports weights in the penalty, paving the way for an efficient Adaptive Lasso (iterative reweighted L1) which should be released in version 0.7.

  • Slides for my presentation Efficient approaches to regularized inverse problems in the GAIA team of the GIPSA-lab (Grenoble)

  • I was awarded the Programme Gaspard Monge Optimisation PhD prize!

  • I was awarded Telecom Paris’ 2020 PhD prize! A warm thank you to my advisors Alexandre Gramfort, Joseph Salmon and coauthor Quentin Bertrand

  • We recently started the benchopt package to automate benchmarks of optimization algorithms on popular Machine Learning tasks

  • I defended my PhD! Slides are here, and here is the manuscript. Starting next January I'll be a postdoc in Lorenzo Rosasco's Lab in Genova

  • I joined Taiji Suzuki's lab for an internship in Tokyo from Feb. 2019 to May 2019