Become a contributor#

How to contribute to celer?#

celer is an open source project and hence rely on community efforts to evolve. No matter how small your contribution is, we highly valuate it. Your contribution can come in three forms

  • Bug report

celer runs continuously unit test on the code base to prevent bugs. Help us tighten these tests by reporting any bug that you encountered while using celer. To do so, use the issue section available on the celer repository.

  • Feature request

We are constantly improving celer and we would like to align that with our user needs. Hence, we highly appreciate any suggestion to extend or add new features to celer. You can use the issue section to make suggestions.

  • Pull request

If you fixed a bug, added new features, or even corrected a small typo in the documentation. You can submit a pull request to integrate your changes and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Setup celer on your local machine#

Here are key steps to help you setup celer on your local machine in case you wanted to contribute with code or documentation to celer.

  1. Fork the repository and afterwards run the following command to clone it on your local machine

$ git clone{YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME}/celer.git
  1. cd to celer directory and install it in edit mode by running

$ cd celer
$ pip install -e .
  1. To run the gallery examples and build the documentation, run the followings

$ cd doc
$ pip install -e .[doc]
$ make html


You should have a gcc compiler installed in your local machine since celer uses Cython.